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Q: How can I change the name of my url redirect account ?
A: You cannot change it once it is created, but you can apply for a new redirect account with your desired name and you are free to apply as many redirect account as you like.

Q: Is this url redirection service really free ?
A: Yes, we will have some sponsor link and message displayed during redirection, you may consider joining as our quality site member, quality site member does not have pop up ads during redirection.

Q: How to join Quality Site List and gain Free Traffic ?
A: Simply place the following link code of redirect100.com at your page's visible area and send us your request via contact form.

Here is the code you may use:

You may also design a new icon to suit your site style and email us to have it approved for use :)

Quality sites will get promoted (upon request) to Premium sites if they are hosting value contents, there will not be any ads during redirection for Premium sites.

However, we do not accept sites if they are spam promoting, have more than 2 pop up windows, contains illegal contents or conducting illegal activities. Please noted that sites with inadequate contents or with many missing links will not be considered.

Q: How do I promote my url redirect site ?
A: There are good and bad ways to promote your site. A bad way would be by spamming your URL on the net. Please don't spam your new URL ! We have had complaints in the past about people spamming their new URL to several news groups or hundreds of email addresses. The complaints always end up with account termination. If you spam and we get complaints about you, you will be disconnected and badlisted forever. People get a very negative idea about spams, it is also not a good marketing strategic by using spamming, you will ruin your brand and product reputation.

Q: My url redirect account isn't working. Why is that ?
A: It may be due to network traffic jam or server busy, more often it's a problem on the server that hosts your pages or a problem with the connection from your computer to the net. You can wait for a few minutes and re-try. If you keep having problems with your URL please contact us via the contact form.

Q: Is there a way to support you ?
A: Of course :) Tell all your friends about us. If you could also place our link code on your homepage, we would be much appreciated.

Q: What do I do when my question still isn't answered ?
A: You can visit our forum, usually there will be solutions for similar questions, if you still cannot find a solution there, you could post a message at the forum for help. Our support staff will be there to help you.


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