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Good Anti Spyware Software

Ad Aware

Even if you think you have great protection,(Spy Sweeper,Spyware Doctor,Microsoft Antispy, Spybot,etc)You still need Ad-Aware SE. None of the spy removers on the market can detect everything. Ad-Aware will find infections that the others missed,and they won't be "false positives". Download Ad-Aware SE Personal Edition...It's FREE!

Spy Bot Spybot - S&D is by far a really excellent anti-spyware program to me. The interface doesn't drive you nuts, or give you headaches. All of its features are straight to the point, and the descriptions can be well understood by beginners. Absolutely no one would have a hard time using this. It protects you from massive amounts of spyware, and doesn't take up too much resources from your computer. It doesn't slow you down while working. Another alternative is LavaSoft's AdAware, which ranks up to Spybot. And what's more, they're both free! Get this now!
Hijack This Great for the pesky spyware and adware that manage to avoid being detected and automatically removed by spyware+adware software. This has a whole bunch of other tools, and it is very detailed about what is installed and running. just check what to remove and it's gone. This can be a little overwhealming if you dont know much about what is installed there is a log analyzer that will help out on the situation.
AVG Anti Virus -IT'S FREE!!!! -Does it job and does it well -Automatic Updates -More effective than norton -low system usage Cons: -User interface needs work

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